Faculty Spotlight


Professor of Economics


Where did you earn your degrees? I earned my degrees from University of Akron (M.A.) and Middle Tennessee State University (Ph.D.).


What are your current responsibilities at Gordon? Teaching, advising students, service to the college, and professional development. I also help out with CETL and do a little bit of data analysis for the Institutional Research office.


When did you come to Gordon? 2004


What are your favorite courses to teach, and why? Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics as they give me an opportunity to teach the basics of economics and train students to think like an economist. They also provide students critical thinking and quantitative skills to help understand economics.


In Managerial Economics, I provide the foundation of economic principles and skills to my students that they can use when they make decisions in their jobs. The International Economics course gives an opportunity for my students to connect to the current economic affairs in the world.


What interests you about your field? It provides an opportunity to critically think and solve problems facing individuals as well as the economy. It has a very pragmatic approach to (economic) life and helps with good decision-making, given the constraints.


What are some highlights of your career at Gordon? Helping to build four-year programs for the students.


What do you hope students gain from their classroom experience with you? To learn and develop skills to solve problems and make good (economic) decisions in life as well as make a difference in the world as global citizens with their knowledge of economics.


Beyond the Gordon campus, I like to… Read, watch movies, paint, and travel.


Proudest moment at Gordon? Writing recommendation letters to students who pursue graduate programs in Economics, particularly when students go further to pursue a Ph.D. program in Economics.