Meet La'Trez Anderson

La'Trez Anderson
La'Trez Anderson

Alumni Spotlight

Hometown: McDonough

Major: Associates of Arts in Theater

Years at GSC: 2016-2019 


Why did you choose to attend Gordon? The low cost and the community feel of Gordon. It’s unlike bigger universities where the professor doesn’t know your name. You feel important at Gordon.

What was your favorite class? Any of my acting classes.

What is your favorite memory that you have had at Gordon? I was the first homecoming king for the school in Spring of 19’

Were there any clubs, organizations or sports you participated in while a student here? I was an RA and an orientation leader, but theater was the main organization I was a part of on campus.

What you do for work? I’m an actor. Recently I worked with a production company to do a shoot for a coffee commercial. I’m currently putting a lot of effort into my writing with the hopes of producing short movies. I’m also committed to taking my acting talents as far as they can go whether that’s T.V. or possibly movies.

How do you like to spend your free time when you’re not at work? I’m a big writer. I’ve started writing shorts and am working with a production company to get those made to send out to film festivals. I also really like swimming.

Tell us about your family. My mom, brother, sister, grandma and my uncle moved from Milledgeville to McDonough in 2013 and that was one of the best decisions that my family made. My mom wanted a change and there was such a benefit from moving from a small town to a bigger area. As I got older I really appreciated the decision that my mom made to benefit out family.

What would you tell a perspective student who is thinking about attending Gordon? I would tell them to go for it. College is not hard unless you make it hard. It feels like a community because you know so many people. I didn’t have to go to college to be an actor but I do not regret going to get my degree because of the memories I made and the relationships I developed. I would just tell a perspective student to go for it, you won’t regret it.