Meet Dr. Susan G. Glenn

Faculty Spotlight

Meet Dr. Susan G. Glenn, Interim Department Head of Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science and Professor of Computer Science.

Glenn earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts, her Master of Music in Bassoon Performance and her Doctorate in Instructional Technology from the University of Georgia. She also earned a Master of Science in Computer Science at Southern Polytechnic State University. She came to Gordon State College in August of 2001 because she wanted to live and work in a small town and, as a teaching institution, she thought that Gordon State was a good fit for her.

When she was younger, Glenn wanted to be a college professor — teaching, writing, arranging and performing music of all kinds. Although she is not doing anything with music now, she explains that she is happy and satisfied as a professor and loves being in the classroom. Currently, Glenn is the instructor for all the computer science courses and chairs the MECS department. In every one of her classes, she hopes that her students learn how to better apply themselves to achieving any goal. However, she most enjoys the first-level programming class (CSCI 1301) because it is where students start to understand what the field of computer science is about and she finds it exciting to watch that happen.

According to Glenn, working at Gordon has enabled her to grow in every area. She says that, now, she is a much better teacher than before, and she can handle a wider variety of social and professional situations. Glenn also mentions that being a member of the Highlander community means she is among some of the most talented

teachers and academics there are, and she feels honored to be a part of this faculty. A highlight of her career at Gordon was achieving a promotion and tenure because she says it indicated that her peers respected her and that they wanted her to remain on their “team.” However, her proudest moment was seeing the first cohort of bachelor-level students walk across the stage and receive their diplomas.

Although Glenn’s family moved around a lot when she was a child, she claims Augusta, Georgia, as her hometown because she graduated from high school there. Now, she lives in Barnesville, Georgia. In her free time, Glenn likes to read and study current events. She also considers herself to be a Bible scholar and minister of sorts, although she is not ordained. Additionally, she used to be a foster parent.