Meet Jeremy Monroe

Staff Spotlight

Meet Jeremy Monroe; Alumni and Annual Fund Coordinator here at Gordon State College.

Monroe grew up in Milner as part of the local community and felt a calling for higher education, so he says Gordon State was a natural fit for him. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s in Sports Management from Georgia Southern University, he joined Highlander Nation as the Coordinator of Student Life in 2018. In 2020, a position opened in the Advancement Office, and he decided to work with our wonderful alumni, coordinating events like reunions, Homecoming and Alumni Weekend.

He says that his favorite part of his job is bringing people from many different backgrounds together to share the history and growth of Gordon State College. “I love hearing people’s stories. Every single person walks a different path through life, and Gordon has impacted the lives of so many since its humble beginnings in 1852,” said Monroe.

As a young child, Monroe dreamed of being a dolphin. After realizing that this dream was, sadly, unachievable, he decided he wanted to be like Robin Hood, robbing banks and giving to the poor. He says, “If you boil it all down, I wanted to be part of a close team, and I wanted to help others.” Now, he gets to do both of those things here at Gordon.

While at Gordon, Monroe has worked with an incredible team that re-energized the New Student Orientation program, which received a University of Georgia Momentum Award and served as a model for institutions across the system. He led the 2020 Annual Fund Campaign which set a record high of 81% participation amongst the faculty and staff who collaboratively raised over $20,000 to support Gordon State College students and programs. Additionally, he served as chair of the community-wide Great Day of Service Committee, which organized over 150 volunteers across 20 community service projects in a single day to serve Lamar County.

Aside from his work here, Monroe enjoys outdoor recreation, fixing things and sports, including soccer, tennis and pickleball. Currently, his biggest hobby is teaching his two sons and watching them learn how to do certain things even faster than he did.