Meet Briana Martin Langevin

Alumni Spotlight

Meet Briana Martin Langevin, Gordon State College alumna and nurse anesthetist.

Langevin’s higher-education journey began at GSC as a dual enrollment student. Dr. Anna Higgins Harrell taught English 1101 at Spalding High School during her junior year and encouraged Langevin to take additional classes at GSC, which was her mother’s alma mater. Langevin’s mother graduated with an Associate of Science in nursing (ASN) from GSC in 1993 and worked as a registered nurse at her local hospital. Through their encouragement and guidance, Langevin graduated from GSC with an associate’s degree in chemistry in 2006.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from Valdosta State University, Langevin contemplated which path she truly wanted to pursue. When she moved back home, Langevin would run into former patients of her mothers who would share stories about the amazing care they had received from her. Through these interactions, Langevin developed a deep respect for the nursing profession and what it meant to be a caring and kind individual.

Upon reflecting on her experiences, Langevin applied to the nursing program at GSC and started her endeavor to become a registered nurse. In nursing school, a strong sense of perseverance evolved while facing many challenges. Dr. Samantha Bishop and Professor Christy Skinner provided reassurance that she was on the right path, leading to her graduating with an ASN in 2011.

As a new graduate starting out in a cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) at a level one-trauma center, Langevin advanced her skills and fortitude precipitously. She continued her education and obtained a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) with a concentration in anesthesia (CRNA) from Wolford College. In 2020, Langevin was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy Nurse Corps.

Now, as a nurse anesthetist, Langevin works at a level one-trauma center and provides care for diverse populations with multifactorial comorbidities. Throughout her career, Langevin has excelled in high-stress environments and learned to adapt quickly to any situation. She has a personal proclivity for trauma and is committed to leadership and maintaining the latest evidence-based practice. 

“I place high value in knowing that I am making an impact, expanding my knowledge, and treating every patient like they are my family,” said Langevin. “I am very proud that I can do what I love all thanks to my family and the wonderful faculty at GSC that guided my path.”