Meet Lacey Jones

Alumni Spotlight

Meet Lacey Jones; a 22-year-old human services graduate from Hampton, Georgia, and former secretary of the GSC Toastmasters International Club.

Jones is one of our most recent GSC alumna, graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Human Services on July 23 of this year. A highlight of her time at Gordon was discovering her passion. Initially a business administration major, she realized over time that she wanted to help others through her career, so she changed direction and began pursuing a human services degree. She says that this new passion for human services, in a way, differs little from her childhood passion. When she was younger, she dreamed of being a veterinarian and helping animals. Now, she just wants to help people instead.

Jones began her college journey at Gordon in 2017 because she loved the size and beauty of the campus. She says it was easy to navigate, and she also liked that she could live at home while attending, which played considerable role in her decision to apply. Throughout the semesters, the human services courses became her favorites because she enjoyed learning material that directly applied to her future career.

On the other hand, Jones lists her public speaking class as the most difficult course she has taken. At the time, she was terrified of giving speeches. However, she challenged herself while at Gordon and joined Toastmasters, a nonprofit educational organization with a club on campus. The club is designed to help students become better leaders and speakers. This resource helped her develop confidence and lessen her fear of speeches, and she even became its secretary.

Jones’ favorite memory at Gordon is playing ping pong in the SARC with her close friends when they did not have classes. She says she still often thinks about the fun environment in the room when she was surrounded by friends. In her free time, she also enjoys going to places like museums and zoos, playing video games and watching TV shows. She recommends The Walking Dead and The Umbrella Academy. She also enjoys collecting Pop Figures, figurines of characters from various movies and shows. She has over twenty and is still adding to her collection.

According to Jones, Gordon has a wonderful community and feels like a family. She says that the college always strives to make students feel welcome, and she knows that the employees truly care about the students. To prospective students, she says that “Gordon is a wonderful school to attend, especially if you are looking for a place that is personable. There’s so many fun student activities you can partake in, and the school is always adding more.” She also commended Gordon’s courses, professors and resources, mentioning that the college genuinely wants to help their students succeed.