Meet Dalton Skipper

Meet Dalton Skipper, a Gordon State College alumnus and medical professional.

At the beginning of his higher education journey, Skipper was unsure of his path. Through research and careful consideration of both job and financial security, he decided to pursue nursing, a profession he has come to love.  

After graduating from GSC in 2009, Skipper began his career in healthcare as a unit clerk in the Critical Care Unit (CCU) of Spalding Regional Hospital in Griffin, GA. Once he passed the NCLEX exam, Skipper transitioned into the role of a night shift CCU registered nurse. He then advanced to the role of CCU charge RN and House Supervisor for the hospital.

For a time, Skipper also worked as a travel nurse in the Midwest and Baltimore/D.C. areas. Since returning to Georgia, Skipper has continued to work in CCUs, as well as ventured into different specialties, such as acute rehabilitation and interventional radiology. These experiences have allowed Skipper to work in many different healthcare systems and with diverse groups of patients in the Greater Atlanta area.

Ten years since his start at Gordon, Skipper has gone on to complete his master’s to become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice. Additionally, Skipper has earned several certifications through professional nursing organizations, such as the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) where he served as the president of the Atlanta chapter from 2020 to 2021. Currently, Skipper works as the Manager of Education for Emory Healthcare`s team of internal travel and float pool nurses. He also teaches nurse practitioner students online through Purdue Global University, continues to work one weekend a month at Spalding Regional Hospital, and remains active in the AACN, supporting nurse wellness, wellbeing, education, and career advancement.

An active leader with a deep passion for helping fellow nurses succeed and advance, Skipper has had the opportunity to share his experiences with others through speaking engagements as well as publications in textbooks and professional nursing journals. “At the beginning of this journey, I did not know the 'why' I wanted to be a nurse. I have since found my purpose. I am here to support the people that help people heal,” said Skipper.