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Student Affairs

Greetings, Highlanders! Student Affairs consists of departments and programs that provide a diverse array of services and support engaging our students in co-curricular experience. Student Affairs is committed to supporting students’ academic success while nurturing their holistic development both inside and outside the classroom.

At GSC, you will find a vibrant campus community of diverse students who are engaged both inside and outside of the classroom by dedicated staff and talented faculty who are student-centered and committed to student success, and dedicated staff who support students throughout their GSC careers. 


2023-2024 Student Affairs Learning Outcomes 

1.    Students will recognize the Gordon State College community as a place of belonging, connection, and inquiry.
2.    Students will practice life skills in various areas of Student Affairs that will strengthen their growth and development as life-long learners.
3.    Students will identify Student Affairs resources and utilize support services as needed.
4.    Students will uphold the Stag Statement by practicing good stewardship at Gordon State College and throughout the community.


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Counseling and Accessibility Services

Supporting the mental, social, and emotional health of GSC students and providing services and accommodations to students with documented disabilities.


Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct outlines the policies and procedures the college has established to promote the college mission and protect the rights and privileges of the entire campus community.


Housing and Residence Life

Creating a safe and engaging on campus living experience for residential Highlanders.

Student Affairs Organizational Chart

New Student Orientation

Welcoming all new freshmen and transfer students to the Highlander family each semester through online and ½ day and full day, in person orientation experiences.

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Student Life and Recreation

Facilitating an engaging and vibrant out-of-classroom experience which gets both residential and commuter students involved on campus.

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Student Health Center

Supporting the physical health and well-being of all students.

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