Meet Brandy Sims

Brandy Sims with her two daughters, McKinley and Hadley. (Photo provided by Samuel E. Hubbard Elementary School)
Brandy Sims with her two daughters, McKinley and Hadley. (Photo provided by Samuel E. Hubbard Elementary School)

Alumni Spotlight

Meet Brandy Sims; Gordon alumna and fifth-grade math and science teacher at Samuel E. Hubbard Elementary School in Forsyth, Georgia.

Sims, a Barnesville resident, chose to attend Gordon due to its close proximity to her home and because it provided a more personal learning experience over larger universities. Although she had always wanted to become a teacher, she started as a pre-pharmacy major and worked in the field for almost fifteen years. Having a “change of heart,” she returned to Gordon in 2008, enrolling in the education program. She majored in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, graduating in 2010. Now, she teaches while pursuing her master’s degree. In July 2021, Sims was named Monroe County Teacher of the Year.

While at Gordon, some of Sims’ favorite memories include the additional opportunities that her professors coordinated for students’ benefit. One of her professors, Dr. Gahr, arranged for his students to obtain Project WET, Project WILD, and Project Learning Tree certifications. Sims took advantage of the opportunity, and from it, she says that she gained a wealth of knowledge. She also benefitted from assisting Dr. Gahr at the Science Day he hosted, where younger students visited the campus on a Saturday and participated in various STEM activities.

Other highlights of Sims’ academic journey include the partnership with local school systems. She was placed in surrounding counties for student teaching and practicums, and worked with amazing teachers in Monroe County, leading her to apply for a job at the school where she student taught. Beyond the academic opportunities she received at Gordon, she appreciated the relationships that professors built with her and other students. After her last class with Dr. Borders, who taught her SPED courses, she recalls that he joined her and several other students for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant where they shared stories and enjoyed each other’s company.

Sims tells prospective students to “go for it. Gordon is a fantastic school with professors that make certain to encourage and support students while helping them reach their goals.” She explains that she is very proud to be part of the Highlander community and simply giggles when her friends boast about their “prestigious” universities. She prefers the inclusive and personal experience that Gordon provides and was undeniably appreciative to have a handwritten note along with a “swag” box delivered to her school by Mrs. Nooks.

Aside from work, Sims loves swimming, vacationing, or simply hanging around the house with her husband, Cliff, and her two young daughters, McKinley and Hadley. They own a Chihuahua and a crested gecko, and at work, Sims also keeps a red corn snake, named Sammy, as a class pet.