Meet Anthony McCalla

Alumni Spotlight

Meet Anthony McCalla, an alumnus of Gordon State College and current alumni board member.

In 2006, McCalla chose to attend Gordon because of the dedicated faculty and staff. His professors would challenge students to be their very best and challenge students’ perceived perspectives of the world around them and of life. He also fell in love with the beautiful campus grounds and the intimacy of the school.

While attending Gordon, McCalla was a very involved member on campus. He was president of the Political Science Club, Student Government Association senator and treasurer/secretary and resident assistant (RA) for the Commons and Melton Hall. He currently serves as a member of the alumni board to assist in engaging other alumni to stay connected with Gordon State College.

One of his favorite memories during his time at Gordon was being honored by the city of Barnesville to have a day dedicated to him in 2009. As a student, he was determined to ensure that a speech by FDR on the campus be recognized as a historical event by the Georgia Historical Society. The Georgia Historical Society recognized that event and placed a marker at its location.

McCalla currently resides in Atlanta with his wife, a corporate attorney, and their energetic Jack Russell Terrier mix. He is a transit police sergeant and an emergency manager for MARTA. His mission is to help MARTA prepare for and manage any emergency situations that may occur, whether it be natural or man-made. When he is not at work, McCalla spends a majority of his free time doing outdoor activities like hiking in the mountains, biking or longboarding on the Atlanta BeltLine.

To the prospective student who is thinking about attending Gordon, McCalla says, “Although Gordon State College is a small school, it has big opportunities for any student to grow and be successful for the next chapter in their life. This college has given many former students the ability to be successful in their professional fields and made major positive changes and contributions in their communities. Their success started here in the cafeteria eating lunch with other students thinking about their future. I would simply say come to Gordon State if you want to be a change agent.”