Meet Kierra Cooper-Williams

Student Spotlight

Meet Kierra Cooper-Williams; a 23-year-old human services major from Conyers, Georgia and president of the Student Government Association.

When she was younger, Cooper-Williams wanted to perform as a musician. Now, however, she wants to help others through her career. She expects to graduate in the spring of 2022 with her Bachelor of Science in Human Services. After which, she plans on working for the University System of Georgia and attending graduate school to complete her master’s degree in social work.

Although the thought of college initially scared her, Cooper-Williams decided to attend Gordon in fall of 2017. She was persuaded to enroll due to Gordon’s small class sizes, and the relationships she subsequently formed with faculty played a pivotal role in her decision to stay. Since then, being part of the Highlander community has enabled her to establish connections and relationships, engage in community service and find her purpose in the process.

Cooper-Williams admits that she struggled during her freshman year, but the following summer, she retook the courses that challenged her the most and redeemed herself in her sophomore year. She sought the help she needed, took advantage of tutoring and put forth the effort. In the end, the experience became a milestone for her because, as a result of her hard work and perseverance, she proved to herself that she has a purpose and a place in college.

Since then, Cooper-Williams has undoubtedly thrived here at Gordon, becoming involved in a variety of ways. She received the Student Leader Award at the 2021 Highlander EDGE Awards and now serves as president of the Student Government Association. Additionally, she is a member of the campus activity board, the homecoming committee, the human services club and served as the former secretary of the Toastmasters club. Ultimately, she says Gordon has provided her with the tools and connections she needed to become the leader that she is today.

Cooper-Williams particularly enjoyed her psychology courses, which she says challenged her to look at life from a different perspective. According to her, the psychology professors are “amazing” and teach interactive classes, which enabled her to establish connections with others. However, her favorite memory at Gordon is when she was introduced to a new student who would eventually become her best friend. She enjoyed forming a deeper friendship with her and other friends who have supported her through her final years at Gordon.

According to Cooper-Williams, being a Highlander means moving forward and becoming the best scholar you can be. She tells prospective students that “Gordon isn’t your ordinary school where you come to class, take notes and leave. Instead, be prepared to be fully engaged with class discussions and your professors. Expect to get involved, whether it’s joining a club, community service or taking a trip.” She further explains that Gordon is a student-centered school, so students can “expect the best.”