Meet Chris Childress

Chris Childress
Chris Childress

Chris Childress


Hometown: Molena, GA 

What years did you attend Gordon? 
I attend Gordon 2010-2014, receiving an AA in Political Science and BA in History.

Why did you choose to attend Gordon? 
I enrolled at Gordon, at age 30, with only a few credit hours under my belt from a decade prior, with determination to become an attorney. Gordon was affordable, close to home, and offered a four year degree worthy of utilizing in my pursuit towards a law degree.

What was your favorite class while you were attending Gordon?
I enjoyed all of Dr. Cox’s classes. He bled red ink on every paper I turned in. I carry his constructive criticism with me still today.

Was there a favorite memory you had while you were on campus? 
There were many favorites so I will give a few. I certainly enjoyed the SGA and serving as student body president. I remember the awesome feeling showing up to Gordon’s first Student Honors Council meeting. I vividly remember the relief I had following the completion of my bachelor’s dissertation. I certainly will never forget coming back to campus to cut the ribbon to open the Student Activity Recreation Center (the SARC picture given to me that day hangs in my office).

Were there any clubs, organizations or sports you participated in while at Gordon? 
I served as a SGA senator for one year, served two terms as SGA President, was involved with Gordon history club, and was a founding member of Gordon’s honor society.

Tell me a little bit about what you do for work? 
I am a senior partner at Childress & Justice, LLC, with offices in Zebulon and Macon. Our firm handles personal injury cases, juvenile law, and civil litigation.

When you’re not at the law firm, how do you like to spend your free time?
I am the current Pike County Recreation Authority chairperson, the current Vice-President and incoming President of Pike Kiwanis, own and head coach a travel baseball team, The Outlaws. I, also, enjoy my time with my wife, Stephanie Childress (also a Gordon dual-degree graduate), and our five children.

What would you tell a perspective student who is thinking about attending Gordon? 
To be successful in college, do not let college graduation be your long term goal. Treat college as a step towards your long term goal. Be a forward-thinker. Attend with that mentality and Gordon will propel you forward.