Meet Trisha Walker

Veterans Day Spotlight

Meet Trisha Walker, military veteran and Lecturer of Biology.

Walker served in the Georgia Army National Guard for 19 years, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (selected as Battalion Commander effective December 11, 2021). She joined the military for the Georgia Military Scholarship (GMS) to attend North Georgia College & State University. In May 2002, Walker began her military career as a 54B Chemical Specialist. Since then, she has had many assignments at different locations across Georgia.

Walker has been awarded with many medals over the years, but the two highest medals she has earned is the Bronze Star Medal for her deployment to Afghanistan from 2009-2010 and the Army Commendation Medal for her time as the Support Operations Officer at 110th CSSB where her headquarters successfully deployed to Ft. Irwin in the Mohave Desert and conducted resupply operations for food, water and fuel to an Armored Brigade Combat Team out of Ft. Bliss.

Walker’s most memorable experiences during her service centers around the relationships she formed with her military family. Challenging training events, cookouts and eating at restaurants, were a few of the experiences that helped strengthen their bond and make for enjoyable memories. Walker says the opportunities and experiences she has as a member of the military have made her life more meaningful and adventurous. She is also grateful for her educational opportunities that were funded by the military and looks forward to beginning a new program in January that will put her on track to becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Walker has been at Gordon for 10 years. Outside of work, she enjoys raising her four children with her husband on their family farm in Milner, Georgia. As a veteran, Walker is humbled to be part of a group that served their country despite the many sacrifices. On Veterans Day and beyond, she encourages others to do something thoughtful for a veteran to thank them for their service.