Meet Ashley Hursey

Staff Spotlight

Meet Ashley Hursey; Housing and Residence Life Coordinator and Gordon State College alumna.

Hursey is a native of Barnesville, Georgia, and a graduate of Lamar County High School. With a heart for service and people, she has served in law enforcement, worked in retail and committed to higher education. Upon graduating from Gordon in 2006 with an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, she also received an Associate of Applied Science in Forensic Science from Southern Crescent Technical College in 2008. From there, she went on to explore a career in law enforcement with training and certification from the Georgia Police Academy in 2009 and serving with the Middle Georgia State University Public Safety Department. After a rewarding career in law enforcement and retail services, she wanted to return “home” to work with college students.

Hursey joined Student Affairs in 2016 as the Housing and Residence Life Office Coordinator. In her role at Gordon State, Hursey works with students from the moment they are accepted to the college, through the room assignment process and for their day-to-day needs while residing on campus. She is able to relate to anyone she meets and encourages everyone to do their best. With that same mindset, she persisted through her studies at Columbus State University and recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology this past May.

When she is not at work, Hursey is a loving mother to her six-year-old daughter, Alice. She also serves as co-lead for Alice’s Girl Scout troop. Hursey enjoys empowering the troop to be their best in the leadership principles widely attributed to Girl Scouts. As often as possible, Hursey recharges by delving into her personal hobbies and interests like comic books, playing video games, binge-watching Star Trek episodes and seeking out new crafts.

With a passion for people, Hursey enjoys the opportunities to engage and interact with campus and community partners for the overall success of Gordon’s students.