Student Self Registration

Terms to know:

Self Register

Act of student entering their own schedule into Banner Web. Self Registering does not preclude receiving academic advisement.

Eligible to Self Register

To be eligible to self register a student must meet the following conditions:
Returning student
Not PSO or Joint Enrolled
Having only Math or English Learning Support requirements. A student with Reading only or more than one LS requirement is not eligible to self register


The student is locked from self registering even if they are eligible. For each registration term, all students are initially locked.


The student's adviser has unlocked the student's record to allow him/her to self register. Only eligible students can have their record unlocked. A student's record may also be unlocked by Division Chairs and the Registrar.

Determining if a student is eligible to self register:

A new row has been added to Student Academic Summary that displays the student's eligibility to self register and the lock/unlock status of their record. The new row is found in the REGISTRATION HOLDS ACADEMIC STANDING section of the Academic Summary. The two display options are:

  1. "Eligible to Self Register" in a green font
  2. "Not Eligible to Self Register" in a red font

A student should be eligible but is showing as not eligible

Review the Academic Summary for the students Learning Support requirements and Current Status. If this information appears incorrect, have the student go to the Registrar's office to have their information verified and updated.

Determining if a student's record is locked or unlocked:

On the same row showing the student's eligibility to self register is the student's lock/unlock status. This information displays even if the student is not eligible to self register. In addition to showing the status, the term(s) for the status is displayed.

Again, there are two options (using Summer & Fall 2003 terms as an example):

  1. "Self Registration is UNLOCKED for Summer & Fall 2003" in a green font
  2. "Self Registration is LOCKED for Summer & Fall 2003" in a red font

Unlocking a student:

Only the current academic adviser, Division Chairs and the Registrar may unlock a student's record to allow them to self register. If you are the student's academic advisor and the student is eligible to self register, a LOCK or UNLOCK button is displayed in the top left corner of the Academic Summary. If the student's record is currently locked, the button will allow unlocking the record. If the student's record is currently unlocked, the button will allow locking the record. Note that no button will display if the student is not eligible to self register or you are not the student's academic adviser.

There is no LOCK or UNLOCK button

Remember that only the student's current academic adviser is shown the LOCK or UNLOCK button. If you are supposed to be the student's adviser but no button is displayed, look on the Academic Summary to see who is listed as the adviser. If it is incorrect, have the student go to the Registrar's Office to have the adviser information confirmed and updated.

When would I lock a student's record

The lock button is provided primarily to re-lock a record that was mistakenly unlocked.

When should I unlock my advisees records

The purpose of this new process is to allow faculty to spend time providing academic advice to students versus helping the student complete their schedule. It is not intended to be a replacement to advising. With that in mind, the lock/unlock button was placed on the Academic Summary to allow an adviser to unlock the student's record after meeting with and advising the student.

What about Alt PINs

With this new self registration process, Alt PINs are no longer required:

How does an unlocked student know when to self register

The returning student population has been divided into 3 registration groups. A student can check the dates/times they are allowed to register by logging into Banner Web for Students and navigating to...

  1. Student Services and Financial Aid
  2. Registration
  3. Check Your Registration Status

This registration times shown are for both self registration and adviser entered registration. This page also displays other important registration status information like holds and academic standing.