Duplex Printing Instructions

Duplex printing is when you print on both the front and back of a piece of paper. The Instructional Complex computer lab in room 107, the Library, and the Academic computer lab in room 109 offer the duplex printing feature. Because this uses less paper, a 25% discount is applied to the printing charge against your printing quota. Please note that the color printer available in the Instructional Complex computer lab in room 107 DOES NOT allow duplex printing.

Duplex printing is setup through the Printing Properties. To duplex print, complete the following steps before printing your document:

In Office 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button officebutton at the top left of the screen | Print.


On the Print dialog box, Click on Properties.


On the Properties dialog, follow these 3 steps below...

  1. Select the Finishing tab.
  2. Check the Print On Both Sides option.
  3. Click OK (see diagram below)


Print the document by clicking OK on the Print dialog box.


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