Multi-Factor Authentication

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Factor Authentication requires two or more forms of authorization when you log into a system online. In systems that implement MFA, you will enter your password as usual and will then be prompted for a secondary form of authorization such as a notification on your personal phone, a text message to your personal phone, a phone call to your personal phone, a phone call to a desk phone, or through a code or button press on a hardware device. Once this is complete, you will be granted access to the system and will not have to re-enter either form of authorization while you using that system.

DUO Mobile is the program that Gordon State College currently uses for multifactor authentication (MFA).

How do I set up DUO for OneUSG Connect (Faculty & Staff Only)

OneUSG Connect is a system used by employees for payroll, evaluations, and other administrative purposes. Faculty & Staff will need to set up MFA for OneUSG the first time they access the program.

How do I use DUO for web-based email (Faculty, Staff, & Students)?

Faculty, Staff, and Students will be required to use MFA DUO to access Gordon State College email.

How often will I be prompted for MFA?

Depending on several factors a person may, or may not, be prompted to provide the MFA verification each time during the day. The general expectation is that if you sign out of a MFA application and close the web browser, you will be required to perform MFA verification when signing in again.

How do I change a method, update a setting, or add a new phone or backup device?

In order to update your MFA method after you have already enrolled in DUO, you will need to contact the Information Technology Department.

What kinds of data does Duo track?

Duo only tracks sign-in and device registration information for systems that use single sign-on (SSO) with MFA. Duo tracks mostly the same information as other applications the college uses when you sign in, including: your username, registered device, browser version and IP address. Duo does not capture or store college data.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Contact IT via to create a ticket. If you feel your situation is more of an emergency situation with the technology, call 678-359-5008.