Gordon Network File Storage Information

Every Gordon account has access to file storage on a Server through our computer network called the "H:" drive. Your network drive (H:) will be accessible to you from any networked computer on campus or from off-campus via FTP Over SSL (see FTP Instructions). NOTE: NEVER SAVE IMPORTANT FILES TO THE LOCAL C: DRIVE ON A GORDON COMPUTER.

Why use your H: drive?

  • it is more secure because it is backed-up nightly meaning you will never lose your saved files.
  • convenient because you can access files on your H: drive from any networked PC on campus.

How do I save files to my "H:" drive

  1. Create a Word document, PowerPoint Presentation, or any other type of file that will need to be saved.
  2. Click the File menu within the program you are working in (In Office 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button Office button at the top left of the screen. )
  3. Click Save As
  4. Click the pull down menu of the Save in box.

    Screenshot of H: drive in save as dialog box
  5. Click on your network drive also known as your "H:" drive. Your network drive should look similar to username on hawk\~_home' (H:).
  6. Once your network drive is selected, click in File Name box
  7. Type in a name for the file
  8. Press Save
  9. The document (file) is now saved to your network drive

How do I open a file from my "H:" drive

To open the file for revision from a Gordon networked computer:

  1. From the Start Menu on your PC >> click on My Computer
  2. Double-click on your 'Hawk' (H:) network drive
  3. Double-click on the file you would like to open.

Screenshot of H: drive under My Computer