Adobe Acrobat PDF Troubleshooting Tips

Many important documents on this website are rendered in Portable Document Format (PDF), which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader®. Try the solutions provided below if your Adobe Acrobat viewer doesn't display PDF files inside your Web browser as expected.

Solution 1:

Upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat. Some PDF's use different features that may not run in older versions of the software. The website to download the latest version for free is...


Solution 2:

If Solution 1 does not work, make sure that the Acrobat viewer can read the PDF file by downloading it to your hard disk. A large PDF file may time out before it finishes downloading through the regular web browser window depending on what Internet software you are using. You can download it to your hard disk by right-clicking your mouse pointer on the hyperlink to the PDF file and choose Save Target As... Choose a location for the file and press Save. Then open the PDF file from your hard disk (location you saved it in) and make sure that it opens via the Acrobat viewer.