Microsoft Word Templates


Information Technology has created several of Gordon State's forms in MS Word TEMPLATE format (.dot, .dotx). The TEMPLATES are fill in the blank type forms that you can use Microsoft Word to complete. Once the information has been added to the blank form, you can save, print or edit the information like any other Word document. However, the layout and fixed text on the form cannot be edited or changed so that the forms maintain a consistent look to them.

Accessing Gordon State College Templates from Microsoft Word

  1. Open Word
  2. Click on the Shared option at the top of the Word start screen.
  3. Next, click on GSC Performance Evaluation or the Gordon State College folder
  4. Click on the desired template to open


Form Fields

A field is an area on the form that you fill-in by typing in information. MS Word represents form fields as gray areas within the document. There are several type of data fields on the forms. A quick description and information on entering data into them follows.

Open Text Fields - You can type any information required into these fields. If you need to enter multiple lines (e.g. for an address) press ENTER as needed. Some Text Fields limit the number of characters you may enter. If you reach this limit, typing more letters does nothing.

Formatted Fields (dates and numbers) - Some of the forms have formatted data such as a dates or numbers. When typing in this information, the TEMPLATE will reformat your entry if needed. For example, if you type in 1435 for the cost of an item, it will format it as 1,435.00.

Check Boxes - Many pre-printed forms have boxes that you check or "X" (e.g. the Request for Absense). In Word forms, these are called check boxes. To place an "X" in a check box, click it once with your mouse or press the space bar while the field is selected (see Navigating Fields)

Calculated Fields - Fields that can be calculated are setup to automatically do so. For example, if you enter the quantity and cost of an item, the extened cost is calculated for you. Then, the total of all extended costs is automatically summed. You do not enter/change calculated fields, the computer does it automatically.

The trickiest part of completing the form is moving from field to field. Unlike a normal Word document, you cannot move or place your cursor anywhere in the document - it can only be placed within a fill-in field. When you start a new form, the first field on the form is selected and any typing you do goes into that field. When you are ready to move to the next field, you press the TAB key. If you need to move back to a previous field, you press SHIFT-TAB. You can also use the mouse to select a field by click it once (see Check Boxes under Form Fields). Just like BANNER or other database applications, only 1 field may be selected at a time. Depending on the data in a field, the up or down cursor arrows also move/select to the previous or next field. Note that you cannot select Calculated Fields since the computer fills these in automatically.

Printing and Saving Forms

Once you have completed the form, it may be printed, saved and edited like any other Word document (remember though, you only can edit the data in the fields). If you do not save the form after printing, all the information is lost.

Mulitpart Forms

You will need to obtain carbonless, multipart, multicolored paper from your office supplier. The best method Information Technology has found to use the multipart paper is as follows:

  1. Complete your multipart form (e.g. Prior Approval for Travel)
  2. Choose PRINT from the FILE menu (do not use the PRINT icon on the toolbar).
  3. In the PRINT Dialog, enter nuimber of parts in the multipart form (typically 5).
  4. Click on the PRINT button. NOTE: the forms are setup for MANUAL FEED so the print job will not start until you manually load the paper into the printer.
  5. At your printer, open the manual feed tray and place a small stack of the multipart paper in the tray. For most printers, the first or white page should be on top. Be careful not to rearrange any of the multipart pages. Once the multipart paper is loaded, the printer should start printing each copy.
  6. Remove any extra multipart paper from the manual feed tray and return to the top of your multipart paper storage.
  7. Assemble the pages of the form (they should come out in the proper order) and staple at the upper left corner with one staple.
  8. Since the paper is carbonless copy paper, any signatures made on the top (white) page go through to all copies.

Current Forms Available

The following forms are currently available. Information Technology will update this list as follows.

Single Part Forms

  • Advisee Sign-Up Sheet
  • Bookstore Resale Requisition
  • Budget - Personal Services / Operating (2 page form)
  • Budget - Technology Narrative (2 page form)
  • Budget Transfers
  • Core Proposal Form
  • Course Audit Form
  • Direct Deposit Form (2 page form)
  • Employee Book Reimbursement Fund (2 page form)
  • Faculty Development Grant (3 page form)
  • Faculty Sick Leave Request
  • Interlibrary Loan Request Form
  • Key Request Authorization Form
  • Key Return Form
  • Request for Absense
  • Monthly Report of Absense
  • New Course Proposal Form (5 page form)
  • Notification of Lost Keys
  • NSF Letter 1
  • NSF Letter 2
  • Performance Evaluation Form (2 page form)
  • Personal Data Form
  • Personnel Action Form
  • Request for Absence BIWEEKLY
  • Request for Absence
  • Request to Assign "I"
  • Self Evaluation Form (4 page form)
  • Staff Development Fund Request (2 page form)
  • Staff Suggestion
  • Textbook Requisition Form
  • Travel Expense Statement (2 page form)
  • Word Processing Request Form

Multipart Forms (# parts shown)

  • National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Form (3 part)
  • Prior Approval for Travel (5 part)
  • Purchase Requisition (5 part)
  • Request for Vehicle (5 part)

Accessing Performance Evaluation Templates

A separate tab under 'My templates' is available that contains all Performance Evaluation forms. To access click on the 'GSC Performance Evaluation' tab, click on the desired template and OK to open.


The following forms are currently available under GSC Performance Evaluation...

  1. Instruction Sheet
  2. Performance Evaluation
  3. Additional competencies for supervisors
  4. Academic and Teaching Responsibilities