How often does my password expire?

For security reasons, Computer Services has set passwords to expire every 122 days. Whenever your password expires, you will be prompted on your screen to change it when logging into a computer owned by Gordon State College. New Gordon students WILL be required to change his/her password on their first login to a Gordon computer.

Windows 7 will remind you when your password is about to expire. A small notification (key) icon will begin to appear in the bar at the bottom-right of the desktop several days (~15) before your password is set to expire.


What if I forget my network password?

If you forget your password and can not get logged into a Gordon State College computer, your e-mail account, or your residence hall Internet connection you can reset your password by using the Gordon State College website. For instructions read the section below "How do I reset my password using the web?". If you can not gain access to the Internet you will need to come to the computer lab in the Instructional Complex Room 107 with your Gordon College ID card. Located in the Instructional Complex computer lab are password reset stations that will allow you to reset your password.

How do I reset my password using the web?

Using an internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can reset your password using any computer connected to the internet at any location. To do so complete the following steps...

  1. Click on the "Network Password Reset " link under "Current Students"
  2. Once the NETWORK PASSWORD RESET' pop-up box appears enter your network User Name and press 'Submit'.
  3. Once the next screen appears, enter the correct answer to your Banner Web security question followed by a new password in the 'New Password:' textfield. Make sure your new password conforms to the complex password standards set by Gordon State College (see 'Password Tips' below). Then type your new password again in the 'Confirm New Password' textfield. Click 'Submit Reset'.
  4. Once the changes are submitted you must use your new password to logon to the Gordon network, check Outlook web email, navigate websites in residence halls, etc.


How do I manually change my password on a Gordon State College computer?

Fig 1.

  1. When logged on to your computer, perform the Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination on your keyboard. You should now see the screen shown above in Fig 1.
  2. Press the Change a password... option from the dialog box.
  3. On the Change Password screen, enter your old password, then your new password twice. Once in the new password textfield and then in the confirm password textfield.
  4. Press the right arrow button (next to the confirm password textfield) to submit the changes.

How do I make my password secure?

  • Passwords should be changed on a regular basis.
  • Passwords should be complex.
  • Passwords should be at least ten characters long.
  • Passwords should NOT contain all or part of the users account name
  • Passwords MUST contain at least three of the four following categories of characters:
    • Uppercase characters
    • Lowercase characters
    • Base 10 digits
    • Symbols found on the keyboard (such as !, @, #)
  • Do not use your name, birth date, social security number, mothers name, dogs name or any other information that someone may know about you.
  • Do not write down your password. Choose a password you can remember.
  • If you think someone has obtained your password, reset your password.
  • After five attempts with an incorrect password you will be locked out of your account for five minutes