Information Technology- Employee Orientation

Gordon State College welcomes you as a new employee! Below you will find orientation information to help you get up and running with the main technologies at the college!


What is my login information? 

Most employees will need two key pieces of information to log into most systems at Gordon State College: (1) a 929 number, (2) a Gordon State username. This information should be given to you by your supervisor. If not, you may receive this information by coming to the main Information Technology office in the Instructional Complex 109. 


How do I log into OneUSG? 

Employees will log into OneUSG to check their pay stubs, submit requests for absences, submit time cards, print W2 forms, etc. OneUSG requires multi-factor authentication (MFA). This means that while you log into OneUSG on your computer, you will also be asked to authenticate your identity via your phone or other device. In order to set up MFA, you will need to download the DUO Mobile app and establish the connection with your account. This webpage will give you instructions based upon the mobile device you use (iphone or android). 

If your device changes and you need to reset your Duo Mobile access, please contact IT. 


How do I set up my basic accounts? 

You will first want to set up your BannerWeb and Gordon email accounts. To do so, make sure you have your 929 number and Gordon State username. Next, complete the following steps: 

  1. To access any part of the GSC network, you will need your network password. Before you can set your password, however, you must setup your security question.
  2. Visit Instructional Complex 109 to set your security question and answer. You will use this information to set up your Gordon email password. IT staff will assist you with this initial step directly. 
  3. Once your security question is set, navigate to this webpage: Input your Gordon email username (given to you by your supervisor or IT). You will then need to provide the answer to the security question you set up earlier. You will then be asked to set up a Gordon password. This password should include: 
    • Uppercase Letters
    • Lowercase Letters
    • Numbers or Symbols
    • At least 10 characters
    • Cannot have your name

Make sure that you see the “successfully reset” screen. Wait 3-5 minutes and you should be able to log into your Gordon email. You may log into your Gordon email by navigating to the Gordon State College webpage, scroll to the bottom, and choose Gordon email. Your email will be your username with added (example: 

You might opt to download the Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile device and log into your email so that it is available on the go. 


How do I log into email off-campus?

In some cases, you might log into your Gordon email from home. This will require that you use the Duo Mobile app (discussed earlier with logging into OneUSG). You would need to have the Duo Mobile app downloaded and connected to your phone number. This webpage will give you more instructions about connecting Duo Mobile to your phone. There is a special section about using Duo Mobile to check email off-campus. 


What if I need more technology access? 

Most employees begin with Gordon email, BannerWeb, and OneUSG access. Depending on your position, you may need further access to various technology products used on-campus. In this case, ask your supervisor to submit an access request form to with a description of the access that you need. 


How do I access Brightspace by D2L? 

D2L is our official learning management system. You may use this to teach classes or complete institutional mandated training. To access D2L:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Gordon State Webpage
  • Choose Brightspace by D2L
  • Choose the blue log in button
  • Log in with your Gordon email username (don't include and your current Gordon email password.

If you are a faculty member,  you may review Brightspace by D2L tutorials here related to using the tools to build course content.


How do I set up my office phone? 

Gordon State uses Microsoft Teams Voice. You should be issued a headset to connect to your office computer. You will get and receive calls via Teams Voice on your computer. Unless requested, faculty or staff will not be issued a physical phone.

Microsoft Teams should be automatically loaded onto your computer. You will log into it using your Gordon email and password. Here are training resources related to using Microsoft Teams Voice.


What else might I need to know as an on-boarding employee? 

Faculty, staff, and students can download Microsoft 365 on their personal computers using their Gordon email. This website will provide the link and steps for doing so. 

Faculty/Staff can connect to the Gordon State wifi using the following steps. Like students, they can register up to three devices on the wifi to be remembered when they are on-campus.


How do I contact Information Technology? 

You may visit our office in the Instructional Complex building, Room 118. 

You may also call us at 678-359-5008. 

You might also submit a service desk ticket at: When submitting a ticket, please provide your name and a full description of the issue.