Student Network Access

Gordon provides every student with a network account. The network username and password allow you to access computing services and resources such as the Internet, disk space, office software, e-mail, etc. Your e-mail address is based on your network account username. The network account will be available to the student the day after he or she has been accepted.

How do I login with my Network Account?

When you power on a Gordon State College computer, you will get a dialog box to log into the network after you press CTRL + ALT + DELETE. If someone else has logged into the PC before you - it may show GORDON.NT\ followed by their username. Click on the Switch User button to change the username.

Windows 7 logon dialog box screenshot
Fig 1: Windows Logon Screen

User name:

Enter your username in the first textbox. Your username is your first initial, last initial and last 6 digits of your GCID#. For example, new student John Doe with GCID# of 929046512 will have a network username of jd046512 and an email address of

For all students, your Gordon State College username will be printed on the back of your Gordon College ID card under the magnetic strip.


If you have NOT already activated your email account online by resetting your password, you will be required to use your initial password for your first logon attempt to a Gordon computer. Otherwise, use the password you created previously online when you were following the steps to access your email account.

Enter your password in the Password box. Your initial password (if you have NEVER changed it) is arranged as follows...

Your First initial in UPPERCASE
Your Last initial in lowercase
Last six digits above the bar code on the back of your Gordon ID Card

For example, John Doe, with a bar code number of 2 0445-012345678, will have an initial password of Jd345678. For more information about your network password click here.

Image of the back of a Gordon College ID Card
Fig 2: Back of Gordon College ID Card

Click the right arrow button to logon..

Logging Off

Remember to log off when you are finished.

It is very important that you log off when you are finished. If you do NOT, others may be able to access your files and e-mail.