Gordon Email Address

Gordon State College provides all Students, Faculty, & Staff with an email address. To use this email address, you must have an active network account. Email can be accessed from on or off campus, with the latter having some limitations.

All Student, Faculty, and Staff email addresses begin with their Gordon user name:

Student Example

User name: first initial, last initial and last 6 digits of their GCID#.

Email Format: username@gordonstate.edu

Example email address: new student Joe Smith with GCID# of 929046512 will have an email address of js046512@gordonstate.edu

NOTE: Students that attended Gordon State College prior to November 2007 will follow the format specified below...

User name: first and last initial, day of birth (2 digits), month of birth (2 digits), and the 6th and 7th digits in your social security number.

Faculty / Staff Example

User name: first initial + last name - or - first name + last initial

Email Format: username@gordonstate.edu

Example email addresses: j_doe@gordonstate.edu; john_d@gordonstate.edu; jdoe@gordonstate.edu