Nursing and Allied Health Classrooms

There are two system types found in the classrooms of the Nursing and Allied Health facility.

  1. Large, ceiling-mounted projector with pull-down screen, and speakers in the ceiling.
  2. SMART Board with wall-mounted projector and speakers.

Many of the classrooms have both of these systems. In this case, the image from the instructor's computer will be sent to both the projection screen and the SMART Board. This gives you the ability to use one or the other device, or both, depending on classroom size and orientation.

Projection System:

The projector mounted at the ceiling is controlled by a wall-plate located near the instructor's desk, as seen in the image below.

Picture of Extron wall-plate

The projector is powered on and off by use of the "ON" and "OFF" buttons under the "Display" tag.

Volume in the room is controlled by the knob under the "Volume" tag.

Changing audio/video sources is accomplished using the buttons on the right-hand side of the panel. i.e, to see the instructor's computer, press the PC button.

**Please note that projectors need time to power up and to cool down. If the "ON" or "OFF" button on the panel is blinking, please wait for it to become solid before another button is pressed.

SMART Board:

In order to use the SMART Board, press the "Power" button located on the bottom-right hand side of the board. The button is orange when in standby, and green when on. The board can also be turned on by use of the remote control.

Picture of a classroom SMART board

The SMART Board can be a wonderful teaching tool. Please refer to for instructional videos on how to better use it in the College environment.