Microsoft Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams Voice is the platform used by faculty and staff for making calls. The office extension assigned to the individual is associated to that person's Teams application, allowing the employee to make calls from Teams via desktop, laptop, or phone.

With Microsoft Teams Voice, faculty & staff are able to do the following (and more):

  • Dial numbers or search for individuals within the Teams Voice area
  • Transfer or consult then transfer calls to others
  • Record a regular voicemail as well as an out of office voicemail
  • Forward calls to voicemail, another individual, or a group
  • Set calls to ring to multiple individuals at the same time

How do I use Microsoft Teams Voice from my computer?

Faculty & staff may use the documentation below to learn how to use Microsoft Teams Voice:

How does my department use the common area physical phones?

The common area phones also use Teams Voice for the specific number assigned to the department group. The following information provides instructions on how to use the physical phones in common areas using Microsoft Teams Voice: