Nursing and Allied Health Lecture Halls Rooms 114, 117, 123

Each room contains:

  • For vocal reinforcement; a gooseneck microphone affixed to the podium, two hand-held wireless microphones, and one wireless lavaliere.
  • For audio/video content; a document camera, DVD player, and a PC. Rooms 114 and 117 have two projectors and automatic screens, and Room 123 has one projector and an automatic screen.
  • Control for these systems is made easy by use of the Extron touch panel located on the top of the podium.
Picture of the front of Extron touch panel

To begin, approach the touchpanel and press the "Power" button as seen in the center of the image below. If the touchpanel image is black, wave your hand in front of it so that the motion-sensor will turn the panel on. Or, simply touch the screen and it will wake up.

Extron touch start screen

The system will take ~15 seconds to start up; it is now ready for use.

The main page has control for every aspect of the system. In order to use the projectors, press the "Screens and Projectors" button located on the bottom-left hand side of the panel. Screen and projector control will then "pop-up" for easy configuration (As seen in the image below.)

Picture of Screens and Projectors screen on Extron touch panel

Microphone volume control is located by pressing the "Mic Controls" button near the "Screens and Projectors" button.

**Microphones adjusted improperly can cause extreme feedback. Please only use this page if absolutely necessary.

Master volume is controlled by the knob located at the bottom of the touchpanel. There is also a master volume "Audio Mute" located at the bottom-right hand side of the panel. When this button appears highlighted, the audio mute is engaged and no sound will pass.

Changing sources on the projector screens (As shown in the image below):

  1. Select the desired source at the top side of the panel (i.e. Doc Cam)
  2. Press either "Send to Projector Right" or "Send to Projector Left."
  3. If you would like the image displayed on both screens, press both "Send to Projector Right" and "Send to Projector Left."
Picture of source screen on Extron touch panel

Please remember to shut down the system when it is no longer needed. This will save energy and projector lamp life.

In order to shut the system down, press the "System Off" button located on the bottom-right hand side of the touchpanel.

A confirmation screen will "pop-up", asking if you are sure you wish to turn the system off (As seen in the image below). If you select "Cancel", it will take you back to the main page. If you select "Power Down", the system will shut down automatically.

Picture of shut down screen on Extron touch panel