Printing Account Balance

Gordon State College has implemented a printing system that helps us to discourage wasteful printing, conserve environmental resources, and control costs to avoid passing these rising costs to our students.

After a student logs into a lab computer on campus and prints for the first time during the semester, a Papercut printing account for that student will be activated. Then - after each subsequent login to a lab computer - a window will open on the desktop (upper right corner) displaying the student's real-time printing balance as shown in Fig 1 below.

Fig. 1

Print Cost

All Gordon State College students will begin each semester with an initial printing balance of $5.00 following the drop/add period.

As a student prints, the dollar amount shown will be reduced 5 cents for each page printed**. A page printed on a color printer will reduce the dollar amount 50 cents for each page printed. A Color printer is located in the Instructional Complex computer lab (Room 107).

Students can increase their printing balance at any time by credit card or by purchasing a $1, $5, or $10 Gordon State College PaperCut Card. (See How do I add to my printing account balance?)


Please be aware that student printing balances are reset each semester. Five (5) days after the end of each semester, all student printing balances will be deleted regardless of the amount, i.e. "Use it or Lose it." When a student enrolls in the next semester, he or she will have a new initial balance of $5. If a student is not enrolled in the current semester at Gordon State College, the printing balance will be automatically set to $0.

** Note about duplex printing: Students are provided the ability to duplex print (front and back). Because this uses less paper, a 25% discount is applied to the printing charge against your printing quota. Duplex printing is only available in the Instructional Complex computer lab (room 107), the Library, the Academic computer lab in room 109, Smith room 203, Student Success Center room 235, and the Russell computer classroom in room 106 (See duplex printing). Please note that the color printers DO NOT allow duplex printing.

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