Brightspace by D2L Instructor Resources

Common Instructor Questions:

I do not see all of my courses in D2L. Where are they?

There are several explanations as to why you might not see your courses in D2L.

  • Did you check the course list in Brightspace by D2L? If you don't see the courses listed in your "My Courses" widget, it may be that they have become unpinned. Look to the waffle area in the top right of the screen to see if the course is listed there. If it is, you can select the pin icon to add it to the "My Courses" area.
  • Have you recently been assigned the course? If so, please ask your academic aid to add you to the course in Banner Web. When the new D2L file is sent (usually nightly), you should be added into the course.
  • Have the Brightspace by D2L shells been created for this semester? Shells are usually created around midterm of the prior semester. An email is sent to faculty to notify them.
  • If you still cannot see your course, email and include your name, 929 number, and the course/section you should be enrolled in.

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What do I need to know to get started with Brightspace by D2L?

Instructors and students will need to know how to navigate Brightspace by D2L. The following videos will cover:

Getting Started with Brightspace by D2L

This video will include:

  • Logging into Brightspace by D2L
  • Resetting your Password
  • How to Seek Help
  • Locating Your Courses in Brightspace by D2L

The Global Homepage

This video will include:

  • Viewing Global Announcements
  • Using the Global Homepage Navigation Bar (D2L Help, GALILEO, NetTutor, & ProctorU)
  • Using the Brightspace by D2L Calendar

Navigating and Account Settings

This video will include:

  • Uploading a Profile Picture
  • Turning on Email or Text Notifications
  • Adjusting Font Size in Brightspace by D2L
  • Editing Email Settings in Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace by D2L Email, Alerts, & My Courses Widget

This video will include:

  • Accessing Your Courses through the "My Courses" widget
  • Accessing Your Courses through the waffle area
  • Pinning Courses to your "My Courses" widget
  • Brightspace by D2L alerts for email, discussion posts, and updates
  • Using the Brightspace by D2L email (Note: This is different than the Gordon State email.)

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How do I change the banner/image for my course (in the "My Courses" area) to something relevant to my subject area?

Instructors can change the banner/image per course. They can search from stock images within the D2L database. They cannot upload their own images.

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How can I detect and notify my students if they are getting behind in class?

Intelligent Agents will auto-send D2L emails to students based upon completion or non-completion of an activity. These agents can be set up to run by the instructor on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These agents might be connected to logging into D2L, not completing an assignment, or scoring a certain way on the assignment. This tool will prevent instructors from having to generate individual emails to students.

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