Collaborative Learning Center and Library Committee


The purpose of the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) & Library Committee shall be to help the CLC & Library staff support the teaching, learning, and research of the college community.


The committee shall be composed of:

  • 1 Faculty Senator
  • 3 Faculty members, 1 per school 
  • 1 Student, elected by SGA
  • 1 Information Technology representative
  • 1 Staff Council representative
  • 1 IT & eLearning Committee representative
  • Director of Library Services
  • Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, non-voting


  • Promote library services, resources, and sponsored events.
  • Communicate library rules and procedures to the faculty/staff and students.
  • Seek input from faculty/staff and students regarding library services and resources provided.
  • Provide recommendations from faculty/staff to the library staff on the growth of the print and electronic collections.
  • Provide feedback on library rules and procedures.
  • Serve as an advocate for content, services, funding, and human resources as needed.


  • Faculty Senator: Dr. John George, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Director of Library: Prof. Angiah Davis, Chair
  • President: Dr. Kirk Nooks (non-voting)
  • Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs: Dr. C. Jeffery Knighton (non-voting
  • Department of Business and Social Sciences: Dr. Pathibha Joshi-Beck
  • Department of Humanities: Prof. Erik Clabaugh
  • Programs in Fine and Performing Arts: Dr. Xavier Carteret
  • School of Education: Dr. Julie Little
  • Programs in Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering: Dr. Henry Gore
  • Department of Nursing: Prof. Melanie Mertz
  • Staff Representative from Information Technology: TBD
  • Staff Representative from IT and eLearning Committee: TBD
  • Staff Council Representative: TBD
  • Student elected by SGA: Josephine Gontee 

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