Faculty Grievance Committee


The purpose of the Faculty Grievance Committee shall be to resolve grievances by faculty according to the College's grievance policy. This policy is intended to provide an avenue for resolution of conflicts at the lowest possible level. Attempted resolution may be addressed through the formal grievance/disciplinary review process, if applicable.


A. The committee shall be composed of 9 members with at least one year of continuous service to the College, one from each of the academic units excluding academic administrative chairs. B. Each member will serve for three years except in the first two years of the new policy so that the membership can be staggered allowing for a third of the membership to be renewed each year. C. At the beginning of each academic year, academic administrative units will elect new members for a three-year term to replace representatives who have rotated out of the grievance committee.


The Faculty Grievance Committee shall:

  • Elect a chair at the beginning of each new academic year;
  • Become familiar with the grievance policy (Chapter 3, Section D) of the Gordon State College Statutes
  • Further educate its membership with materials and offerings from the Consortium for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Become familiar with the Board of Regents' Initiative and Policy Direction on Conflict Resolution
  • Serve on grievance panels when called as detailed in the grievance policy of the Gordon State College Statutes.

2021-2022 Members:

  • School of Business, Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences
    • Programs in History and Political Science: Dr. Rachel Mittleman
    • Programs in English, Communication, and Foreign Language: Dr. Peter Boltz
    • Programs in Business and Social Sciences: Dr. Jane-Marie McKinney
    • Programs in Fine and Performing Arts: vacant
  • School of Education, Math, and Applied Sciences
    • Programs in Education: Dr. Julie Little
    • Programs in Math, Computer Science, and Engineering: Dr. Geoff Clement
  • School of Nursing, Health and Natural Sciences
    • Programs in Nursing: Professor Winsome Change
    • Programs in Natural Sciences: Dr. Claudia Sliwinski 
  • Library: Prof. Beverly Eskridge 

The procedures of the Grievance Committee are laid out in Chapter 4 of the Gordon State College Statutes.

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