Faculty Development Committee

Welcome to the faculty development page. All faculty interested in applying for a faculty development grant may go to the Faculty Development Grant Application website.

Faculty Development Grants

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Should the FDC Grant proposal form be paper or electronic?
An electronic application form (found on the website) must be completed for consideration.

2. When is the deadline for the application for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020?
Fall 2019 - Oct. 7, 2019
Spring 2020 - Apr. 1, 2020

3. To what email address should I send further questions??
Email: kwester-neal@gordonstate.edu.

Two New procedures:

1) If an applicant is requesting funds for multiple conferences, then separate proposals should be submitted for each conference.

2) Documentation of presenter status (rather than attendee) and affiliation with Gordon State College will be required in the future, although presentation is not required to be considered for an award.


The Cy Neuner Fund of the Foundation is from Cy and Kebie Neuner. The foundation money stems from Gordon State College becoming a four-year institution with the expectation that the monies would help the faculty to stay current in their disciplines as part of faculty development. Gordon State College Faculty are grateful to the family of Cy Neuner for their support.

Faculty Development Committee


The purpose of the Faculty Development Committee shall be to encourage faculty development by awarding grants for faculty development.


The committee shall be composed of:

  • Faculty Senator (1)
  • Other Faculty, 1 per academic unit


The committee shall review applications for faculty development funds and shall award such funds to faculty according to those criteria established by the committee.

2019-2020 Members:

  • Faculty Senator: Dr. Caesar Perkowski
  • Faculty From Academic Units
    • Department of ASN: Prof. Jacqueline Key
    • Departments of BSN and HIM: None
    • Department of Business and Public Service: Dr. Scott Campbell
    • Department of History and Political Science: None
    • Department of Humanities: Dr. Cortney McLeod (Recording Secretary)
    • Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Dr. Bernard Anderson
    • Programs in Fine and Performing Arts: Prof. Bob Detamore
    • School of Education: Dr. Katie Wester-Neal (Chair)
    • Library: None

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