Faculty Welfare Committee


The purpose of the Faculty Welfare Committee is to review policies affecting faculty welfare.


The committee shall be composed of:

  • Faculty Senators (2)
  • Other Faculty Members: 1 tenured per academic unit
  • 1 Library faculty


The committee shall review policies (other than individual grievances)relative to tenure, promotion, recruitment, salary, standards for faculty qualifications, post-tenure review, institutional budget, sabbatical leaves,leaves of absence, and faculty workload and class size. This committee shall also review other policies and issues pertaining to Faculty welfare, including working conditions and faculty development.

This committee shall also be responsible for the accessibility to, and maintenance and integrity of, the Faculty Handbook. The Committee will ensure updated versions of the Faculty Handbook are on Library Reserve within five working days of final approval. The Committee Chair or Recorder will ensure a printed copy of the most recent Gordon State College Faculty Handbook is on Library Reserve in the Hightower Library and will distribute copies to members of the Faculty Welfare Committee.

2019-2020 Members:

  • 2 Faculty Senators 
    • Prof. Lisa Ferguson, Fine and Performing Arts
    • Dr. Stephen Powers, Humanities
  • Faculty From Academic Units
    • Department of Business and Social Sciences: Dr. Frank Winters
    • School of Education: Dr. Mike Mahan
    • Department of Humanities: Dr. Peter Boltz
    • Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering: Dr. Bernard Anderson
    • Library: Prof. Beverly Eskridge
    • Department of Nursing: Dr. Annette Jackson
    • Department of Natural Sciences: Dr. Andy Osborne

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