Academic Policy Committee


The purpose of the Academic Policy Committee shall be to formulate academic policies for the College.


The committee shall be composed of:

  • Faculty Senator (1)
  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Coordinator of Learning Support
  • Dean of each school of the College
  • Registrar (non-voting)
  • Other Faculty members, 1 per academic unit
  • Student (1); Elected by SGA


The committee shall review and formulate academic regulations and degree requirements. The committee shall be responsible for the approval and review of all academic programs, course offerings, the appropriate hours of credit, and the catalog description of the courses.

2019-2020 Members:

  • Faculty Senator: Dr. Prathibha Joshi-Beck, Business and Social Sciences
  • Provost & VPAA: Dr. C. Jeffery Knighton
  • Director of Learning Support: Dr. Steve Raynie
  • Dean of each school of the College
    • Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences: Dr. Barry Kicklighter
    • Dean of the School of Education: Dr. Joseph Jones
    • Dean of the School of Nursing and Health & Natural Sciences: Dr. Victor Vilchiz
  • Interim Registrar: Ms. Kristi Hayes
  • Faculty From Academic Units
    • Department of Business and Social Sciences: Dr. Kris Beck
    • Departments of Humanities: Dr. Steve Raynie
    • Programs in Fine and Performing Arts: Dr. Masoud Nourizadeh
    • School of Education: Dr. Brent Johnson
    • Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering: Dr. Geoff Clement
    • Nursing: Dr. JoAnne Murray-Nobles
  • Student elected by SGA: Jaylin Simmons

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