Intellectual Property Committee


The purpose of the Intellectual Property Committee shall be to make recommendations to the President regarding the disposition and ownership of intellectual property developed at the college in accordance with applicable Board of Regents policy.


The president shall appoint an institutional Intellectual Property Committee, consisting of no fewer than three or more than nine members, one of whom shall be designated by the president to serve as chair. In each case the committee shall include a representative of the Office of Business Affairs. The committee shall meet as necessary, and shall act in an advisory capacity to the president or his/her designee.

Policies pertaining to Intellectual Property are contained in the Gordon State College Statutes, Chapter 5.


The Intellectual Property committee shall recommend college policies and procedures pertaining to copyrights and patents to the president and faculty for action; recommend changes to college copyright and patent policies and procedures to the president and the faculty for action; review all intellectual property policy matters submitted to it by faculty, staff, students, sponsored agencies, and other college officials for compliance with college policy, Board of Regents' policy, and contractual or grant-based obligations; negotiate agreements with faculty, staff, and students of the college and recommend the classification of ownership rights to copyrightable/patentable materials produced by employees using college resources and recommend an equitable distribution of royalties thereby generated.

2019-2020 Members

  • Department of Business, History and Social Sciences: Dr. Prathibha Joshi Beck
  • Department of Humanities: Dr. Erik McCarthy
  • Programs in Fine and Performing Arts: Dr. Neil Boumpani
  • Programs in Math, Computer Science & Engineering: Prof. Diane Hayden
  • School of Education: Dr. Julie Little
  • Department of Nursing: Dr. Annette Jackson
  • Department of Natural Sciences: Dr. Lynn Rumfelt
  • Library: Prof. Beth Pye
  • Student Success Center Lecturers: Not Applicable

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