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Post-Tenure Review Committee

Post Tenure Review Committee


  • The Post Tenure Review Committee shall review Faculty members subject to established post tenure review policies.


Board of Regents policy directs that no fewer than three tenured Faculty peers constitute the committee. At Gordon State College, the committee shall have one tenured Faculty member elected from each administrative unit and may have a representative from the Faculty at large. Administrators (including Deans and Department Heads) and potential reviewees for the year shall not serve on the committee. Committee members shall serve for one year. The committee members shall elect a Chair. If there are too few Faculty of the appropriate academic units to serve on the review committee, then tenured Faculty member(s) from another academic unit (even the reviewee's) may serve, provided that they are voted in by the Faculty at its meeting at the beginning of the fall semester. Policies pertaining to post tenure review are contained in the Faculty Handbook.

2018-2019 Members

  • Department of ASN: Prof. Mary Williams
  • Departments of BSN and HIM: Dr. Christina Quinn
  • Department of Business and Public Service: Dr. Pam Terry
  • Department of History and Political Science: Dr. Frank Winters
  • Department of Humanities: Dr. Caesar Perkowski, Chair
  • Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Dr. Beike Jia
  • Programs in Fine and Performing Arts: Dr. Neil Boumpani
  • School of Education: Dr. John Barnard
  • Library: Not Applicable

Faculty at large: Brian Webb, Department of History and Political Science

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