Academic Judicial Committee


The purpose of the Academic Judicial Committee shall be to determine whether a student has violated College policies or regulations and to recommend appropriate discipline when deemed necessary. When requested by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the committee will also review a student appeal when an alleged violation of student rights (for example, regarding the student's grade) is involved.


The Academic Judicial Committee shall be composed of

  • Faculty Senators (2)
  • Other Faculty members,1 per academic unit
  • Students (8); elected by SGA

In the event a grievance is filed, the Faculty Senate Chair shall select, by lot, a panel of four faculty and three students to serve on the committee for that grievance. The selected committee members shall select one of the faculty members to serve as Chair. The Chair of the Committee shall preside at the committee hearing, unless removed by challenge for cause.

In the event of a challenge to the Chair, the Faculty Senate Chair shall rule on the challenge. A new committee shall be selected for each student hearing.


The committee shall conduct discipline hearings in accordance with the established regulations of the College. Prior to any hearing, a student government representative shall meet with the student and inform the student of his or her rights to due process. Appeals shall be carried out in accordance with the policies set forth in the Student Disciplinary Procedures. The Vice President for Student Affairs shall be responsible for implementing any disciplinary action recommended by the Committee.The minutes of the Committee shall be forwarded solely to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the President of the College.

2018-2019 Members:

  • Faculty Senators
    • Dr. Cori Newton and Dr. Kris Beck
  • Faculty From Academic Units
    • Department of ASN: Prof. Charles Bobo
    • Departments of BSN and HIM: Dr. Annette Jackson
    • Department of Business and Public Service: Dr. Jane-Marie McKinney
    • Department of History and Political Science: Dr. Scott Schubitz
    • Department of Humanities: Dr. LaRonda Sanders-Senu
    • Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Dr. Inez Jones
    • Programs in Fine and Performing Arts: Dr. Neil Boumpani
    • School of Education: Prof. Susan Byars
    • Library: Prof. Beverly Eskridge
  • Students Selected by SGA
    • Bryan Gresham
    • Dalton Helms
    • Raevyn Blackshear
    • Douglas Curry
    • Lisa Amis
    • Kaycee Langston
    • Riley Fuller
    • Nathan Guy

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