CETL Initiatives

Faculty Development Programs

CETL hosts a dozen Face-to-Face CETL sessions each academic year, often exemplars of interdisciplinary collaboration as faculty from different schools join together to facilitate sessions on topics as wide-ranging as grant writing, plagiarism, inclusion, and preparing students for future careers.  Along with these group events, CETL offers one-on-one sessions for faculty seeking input on matters concerning teaching and professional development. Each year, CETL also hosts a Holiday House which celebrates all of Gordon’s faculty and honors certain individual faculty members, such as the Faculty Highlander EDGE Award winners.

New Faculty Orientations Programs

CETL hosts a semester-long New Faculty Orientation and a one-time Part-Time Faculty Welcome event intended to welcome and onboard new faculty.

Repository of Teaching and Learning Materials

CETL maintains a library of over 100 volumes and regularly shares both “CETL Tips” and professional articles to the full faculty, to campus offices, to administrators, to groups of interested faculty, and to individual faculty.

Chancellors Learning Scholars and Faculty Learning Communities

CETL oversees this USG initiative, offering input and support for the scholars and their faculty groups.  (See USG: Teaching and Learning Resources on our “Resources” link.)

First Things First

Gordon’s QEP topic was determined by a broad-based process that led to a focus on essential quantitative and written communication skills that are taught and built upon in Area A Essential Skills” of the core curriculum.  The QEP’s Action Plan includes a course-redesign initiative to enhance student engagement in MATH 1111 and ENGL 1101 since engagement has been shown to increase student success; CETL oversees this design initiative.