Welcome from the Provost

I am very happy to welcome you to Gordon State College, where you'll experience the "Power of We". This isn't just some catchy slogan; it is the guiding philosophy that informs everything we do throughout the institution. No matter what program of study you are interested in undertaking, you will find faculty and staff who create the environment in which you can grow, develop, and thrive. You will gain the Highlander Edge, the advantage that Gordon State students have for career success, enlightened living, and community leadership. To learn more, please view the EDGE-ucation Manual.

We have laid the groundwork for your future success in numerous ways. Whether you have already determined what you want to pursue or you are looking for guidance and inspiration, we are here to help you along your path. Beginning your first day on campus, you will find a dedicated faculty with distinguished credentials who are passionate about teaching. In classrooms and labs across campus, your professors will inspire you with new ways of seeing the world and cultivate a deep sense of intellectual curiosity in you. You'll find individuals who are ready and willing to share their expertise and further strengthen your own abilities. They may even help you discover an interest in a field you never considered before. Gordon State has over a hundred professors who are dedicated to providing you with a superior education and seeing you prosper.

This enriching educational environment does not simply exist within the confines of the Barnesville campus classroom. It extends to the Student Success Center, where you'll find professional advisors and adept student tutors who are dedicated to providing you with the additional support you need. At the McDonough instructional site, you'll find a team of faculty and staff willing to provide extra attention to help you establish a strong foundation. And in the Hightower Collaborative Learning Center and Library, you will find professionals and resources to maximize your potential as you develop the Highlander Edge. 

We are glad that you have chosen Gordon State as the place to prepare for your future. We want you to feel well-suited to this learning environment. Please do not hesitate to ask me, or any of us in Academic Affairs, for assistance. On behalf of everyone here at Gordon State, we are looking forward to seeing you thrive as a Highlander. If you have not yet made the decision to attend Gordon State, I hope you will take this as our invitation to flourish with us.

C. Jeffery Knighton, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Lambdin Hall, Room 345