Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Gordon State College Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning!


The GSC Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning serves as an institution-wide faculty resource service, charged with cultivating a culture of Teaching and Learning excellence, supporting innovative teaching and engaged learning, and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty.  CETL also coordinates the Teaching Matters Conference and oversees the development, implementation, and assessment of the institution’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  At its core, CETL is a faculty resource that is faculty driven, the day-to-day focus being to encourage conversation, sharing, and mutual support among our outstanding faculty.


2021-2022 CETL Advisory Board

  • Anna Higgins-Harrell, English, CETL Director
  • Amanda Duffus, Biology, CETL Faculty Fellow
  • Richard Schmude, Natural Sciences, Faculty Fellow
  • Bernard Anderson, Mathematics, QEP Math Representative
  • Prathibha Joshi, Business & Public Service
  • Tony Pearson, Fine & Performing Arts
  • Autumn Schaffer, Instructional Designer
  • Wendy Martin, Nursing