Student Code of Conduct

Students are admitted to Gordon State College with the expectation that they have developed acceptable personal standards of conduct and ethics. Students are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct (the Code) and the laws of the local community, state, and nation at all times.

The Code goes into effect at the time a student accepts admission to Gordon State College and continues until the time of graduation or withdrawal. Students assume an acceptance of the Code which are stated in this document and in other publications of the College. Students should realize that they may be held accountable through the College’s conduct system when an on-campus or off-campus offense is committed. The College will take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of its community.

The Code applies to all student conduct on or adjacent to College property, at College-sponsored activities and programs including those in international locations, and at student organization activities. The Code also applies to conduct occurring on non-College property and at non-College events when that conduct may threaten the health and safety of the College community. The Code continues to apply to student conduct while a conduct matter is pending even if the student withdraws from the College.

The most current version of the Student Code of Conduct may be found online. In the event of a conflict between the Student Code of Conduct and other College policies, the most current version of the Code governs. Students involved in criminal matters may be sanctioned by the College in addition to any sanctions that may be imposed by a court of law. However, the relationship a student has with the state or federal court system does not alter the student’s relationship with the College unless the student is also found responsible for violating College policy.

Gordon State College’s Student Code of Conduct, including behavioral expectations and conduct procedures, can be found HERE.