Getting Started with eLearning

Thinking about enrolling in an online course or program at Gordon State College?

Associate-Level Programs

Gordon State College offers entirely online, blended, and hybrid course options to allow you to complete the equivalent to an associate degree. This is possible by enrolling in Gordon's online courses or via eCore (of which Gordon is an affiliate).

Gordon online courses are taught by Gordon professors for Gordon students and taught through our learning management system, Brightspace by D2L.

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Gordon is an affiliate of eCore, which is a University System of Georgia initiative. Gordon students may take classes via eCore. These courses may be taught by other professors in the University System and conducted through another learning management system (GoView). They transfer like any other core class.

Bachelor-Level Programs

We also offer entirely online, bachelor-level completion degrees. To enroll in these programs, you must have completed your associate-level degree in the related field.

Human ServicesRN-BSNManagement & Administration

How Do I Get Started with Online Learning?

Step 1: How well do you align with online learning? Everyone has the potential to learn via the use of technology, but it can be different from traditional, on-campus courses. Use this questionnaire to determine how well you align with online learning

Step 2: Ready to enroll? You will first need to apply for admission to the college if you are not already a Gordon State College student (or haven't been enrolled at Gordon within the past semester).Click here to start the application process

Step 3: Determine and apply for financial aid. Most students use financial aid to help pay for their classes.Learn about your options for financial aid here

Step 4: What classes do you need to take? Each program of study usually has a list of the program curriculum and required courses. Check out the list of programs of study to determine which courses you need to take for your major

Step 5: Ready to take your first online course? Complete this interactive tutorial to learn more about what to expect in your online courses/program here at Gordon State College. When you make it to the end of the tutorial, make sure to fill out the online form and include your GORDON email and GCID number. You will be emailed a completion summary. Make sure to save this summary. Click here to begin the Gordon eLearning Tutorial

Step 6: Register for Classes! After acceptance, you may begin registering for classes.