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A Letter from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Education at Gordon State College. The School of Education is a dynamic and integral aspect of Gordon State College. Our school is comprised of teacher education and health and physical education. Our faculty are exceptional scholars and practitioners who invest in the lives of their students. In our school, we believe in educating the whole student. In this manner, we believe in a relational pedagogy.

In simple terms, relational pedagogy is the purposeful construction of appropriate relationships within an educational environment. The constructions of such relationships are organic and emerge through social interactions. Relational pedagogy is embedded within Nodding’s notions of a curriculum of care. In this manner, relational pedagogy mandates a focus on the human experience within the classroom. In doing so, instructional practices are premised on the student and teacher, not an assessment.

In the School of Education, we believe that relational pedagogy can engender a powerful learning experience for faculty, staff, and students. We believe relationships matter.

In this capacity, our beliefs about the educational process become a catalyst that allows everyone in the School of Education to truly understand the “Power of We.” Together, through relational pedagogy, the School of Education endeavors to prepare faculty, staff, and students to join with others in the community to create a better world.

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Joseph R. Jones, Ph.D., Dean

School of Education

Gordon State College


Persistence rate for candidates selected into the program
Overall pass rate on the GACE content exams required for certification
Of the candidates admitted remain in the program and graduate
Pass rate on the edTPA, a required exam/portfolio on pedagogical practice


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