School of Education, Mathematics, and Applied Sciences

School of Education, Mathematics & Applied Sciences

Welcome to the School of Education, Mathematics, and Applied Sciences! In addition to hosting programs in education, engineering, and information technology, our school includes computer science, the FIRE course, history, and mathematics. 

Our school embraces relational pedagogy, which means we believe that our connections with each other strengthen learning. We foster effective teaching by founding our pedagogy on empathy, trust, and respect. We believe that positive and meaningful relationships spark and sustain growth. We are here to change your life and empower you to change the lives of others.

Please feel free to stop by to visit my office in Smith Hall 101.

Joy & Peace,

Dr. Steve Raynie, Dean

Persistence rate for candidates selected into the program
Overall pass rate on the GACE content exams required for certification
Of the candidates admitted remain in the program and graduate


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