The CETL House

The CETL house is a private faculty quick-retreat center on the GSC campus for individual faculty who want to escape for a few minutes of quiet reflection; the house is also a reservation-friendly faculty event space. 

center for learning and excellence library

  • Faculty Resource Library: The CETL Library holds over 100 books on topics related to teaching and learning.  See the link below to view the library collection, sorted by subject matter.  (Sortings by title and author are also available.)  To reserve the Library for small book club meetings, call Anna Higgins-Harrell at (359) 678-5095 or email her at  
  • Private Conference Room: Equipped with an Epson Short Throw White/Interactive Board, the CETL Conference room seats ten at the conference table, with extra chairs to place along the wall.  To reserve the conference room for faculty meetings or informal faculty gatherings, please call Anna Higgins-Harrell at (359) 678-5095 or email her at
  • The CETL Kitchen: The CETL Kitchen is equipped with a Hamilton Carafe & Single Cup coffee maker, a Keurig Drop, and a tea kettle.  Drop in to fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea any time we are open, or serve an entire pot to your small faculty group.  (There is usually a bit of candy available too!)    

Internet Resources

University System of Georgia:  Teaching and Learning Resources:  The USG: Teaching and Learning Resources webpage is a  great "first stop" for internet resources, with a comprehensive listing of Conferences, Journals, initiatives, Open Education Resources, Organizations, and more.

Teaching and Learning Resources

Merlot:  Merlot is a free, online global community of faculty who share their learning materials and pedagogy.


The Center for Learning at Vanderbilt University:  The center at Vanderbilt has one of the most extensive offerings of digital guides (more than 70) on a diverse range of topics relating to pedagogy, including Active Learning, Lecturing, Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT’s), Difficult Dialogues, Flipped Classrooms, Metacognition, and motivation.

Vanderbilt Teaching Guides

The Scholarly Teacher:  A blog created by and for faculty who believe in researching and then applying evidence-based strategies in order to enhance student learning and success.

The Scholarly Teacher

LEAP:  Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) is a nationwide advocacy and campus-action initiative that includes state chapters such as LEAP State Georgia.  The purpose of LEAP is to champion liberal education.

Leap Initiative

The K. Patricia Cross Academy is a nonprofit resource of free teaching technique videos and printable PDF resources.  After COVID forced higher education institutions to pivot to online instruction, the academy began producing technique videos geared specifically to online teaching.

K.P. Cross Academy