Learning Goals and Outcomes for the Core

Learning Goal A1:
Students communicate effectively using appropriate writing conventions.

Learning Goal A2:
Students have the ability to represent and manipulate mathematical information in verbal, numeric, graphical, and symbolic forms and use these representations and manipulations to solve a variety of problems.

Learning Goal B:
Students effectively use the three intellectual dispositions of identification, analysis, and evaluation to solve problems and support conclusions.

Learning Goal C:
Students will demonstrate understanding of the ways through which human culture is expressed in literature, philosophy, fine and performing arts, or communication.

Learning Goal D:
Students will demonstrate understanding of the natural world and methods of scientific investigation.

Learning Goal E:
Students will demonstrate understanding of the historical, political, or behavioral development of individuals or societies and be able to apply the tools of the social sciences to understand the complexities of individuals and the problems and institutions of society.

Approved by the Academic Policy Committee March 9, 2011
Approved by the Faculty Senate of Gordon State College, May 2, 2011
The Board of Regents removed three Overlays (American Studies, Global Studies and Critical Thinking) at the March 2016 meeting.