Special Faculty Assignments

Access Institute and Learning Support Programs Coordinator

The Coordinator is the key person for developing and maintaining the Access Institute, which provides an alternative admissions pathway to applicants identified as having the potential to succeed in college but who do not otherwise meet admissions criteria. The Coordinator also advises Institute students and serves as the liaison for these students to Admissions, Housing, Registrar, and Financial Aid. In addition, the Coordinator leads the Learning Support Program, overseeing curriculum and policy development, coordinating the scheduling of courses, and ensuring that information in college publications is correct.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Coordinator

The Coordinator assists in cultivating a culture of teaching and learning excellence at Gordon State College. The Coordinator develops and promotes on-campus conversations about teaching and learning in the forms of faculty resources, workshops, the Annual Teaching Matters Conference, and New Faculty Orientation.

Gordon State at McDonough Director

The Director oversees operations at our teaching site in McDonough, Georgia, including administrative, advising, marketing, and communication responsibilities.

Honors Program Coordinator

The Coordinator ensures that pre-established goals and objectives for the Honors Program are met throughout the program, including the offering of appropriate and sufficient Honors sections each semester. The Coordinator chairs both the Faculty and Student Honors Councils and recruits students and faculty to advance the program.