Faculty Office Hours

Entering/Checking Office Hours

Deadlines for entering office hours

Fall and Spring Semester by 5:00 PM the fifth (5th) day of each semester
Summer Semester by 5:00 PM the second (2nd) day of the session

View Directions for Entering Office Hours (pdf)

View Formatting Standards for Office Hours (pdf)

Office Hours Required

Office Hours should be developed and approved in consultation with Department Heads and Deans.

  • Fall / Spring Terms: 8 hours minimum per week.

    • The Dead Period (3:30-4:20pm on Mondays & Wednesdays) cannot be considered office hours.

  • Summer Term: 2 hours per week for each day class taught. (First, second and full session day classes.)

  • Evening Hours: Office hours for Faculty teaching evening classes are voluntary.

    • However, Faculty teaching at night should make themselves available to evening students who need to see them.

    • Evening instructors, who desire to list office hours, please follow instructions herein.

  • McDonough Hours: Faculty who teach in McDonough are recommended to host 1 hour per week for each class taught in HC.

  • Online Office Hours: Faculty who teach online can hold some of their office hours online.