Transient Study

Gordon State College students who wish to attend another college on a temporary basis must request a Letter of Transient Permission by completing a request form (pdf) in the Gordon College Registrar's Office. It is the student's responsibility to have an official transcript of the transient courses sent to the Gordon State College Registrar's Office after the courses are completed.

If your plans change and you do not attend another school as a transient student, you must provide a written, signed statement to the Gordon State College Registrar's Office stating that you did not enroll at another school as a transient student.

Please note that Gordon State College does not pay federal financial aid to transient students who attend another college.

Failure to provide the necessary documentation will prevent the disbursement of your HOPE Scholarship (if you are HOPE eligible) for future terms at Gordon State College. It will also prevent access to future registration and release of transcripts at Gordon. If you have questions concerning financial aid, you may call the Gordon State College Financial Aid Office at 678. 359. 5990. For all other questions concerning your transient status, call the Gordon State College Registrar's Office at 678. 359. 5022.

Students who receive transient permission are allowed only one semester at the host school before returning to Gordon State College. If you have extenuating circumstances and need to study as a transient student for consecutive semesters before returning to Gordon, you must submit a written appeal to the Registrar's Office with your request for additional semesters of transient study.

Please allow 5-7 business days for your request to be processed.