Class Attendance + Enrollment Verification Policy

Class Attendance

Class attendance is expected of all students enrolled at Gordon State College. Being prepared for class in advance and participating on a regular basis is a vitally important ingredient for academic success. Some research shows that poor attendance and/or limited participation are often associated with low grades. However, because the delivery mode, content, assignments, and other particulars for each class section vary so widely, Gordon State College does not specify an official campus-wide attendance standard. At the beginning of each semester, every instructor will distribute a course syllabus and clearly state his or her attendance policy. It is the student's responsibility to inquire of the instructor if there are questions.


A WF will be assigned as the final grade if the student stops attending class after mid-term.

The instructor will notify the Registrar's Office in writing if a student receiving veteran's benefits is absent from a class three consecutive weeks in a full fall or spring term, two consecutive weeks in a half fall or spring term, two consecutive weeks in a full summer term, or one week in a summer half term.

Field trips and extracurricular activities which require a student's absence from class must be approved by the Provost; however final approval for class absences remains with the individual instructor.


Enrollment Verification

Every semester, faculty will provide electronic verification of class attendance for each student on each official class roll following procedures outlined by the Registrar. Class rolls become official at the close of the drop/add period each semester. Students reported as never attending a class by the published enrollment verification dates each semester will be removed from the official class roll.

  • For students who do not receive financial aid, loans or scholarships: tuition and fees will be recalculated after the class is removed from the schedule. If appropriate, a refund will be issued to the student.
  • For students receiving financial aid, loans or scholarships: tuition and fees will be recalculated after the class is removed and financial aid, loans or scholarships will be adjusted accordingly. This adjustment could result in a reduction of aid awarded or loss of loan or scholarship funds.
  • No student will be enrolled in a class after the close of the drop/add period.


Petition for Reinstatement for Non-Atttendance

If your instructor reports that you have not attended a class, you will be removed from the class roll and the class will be removed from your schedule. To avoid this action, attend a regularly scheduled meeting of each class on your schedule prior to published enrollment verification dates on the Academic Calendar..

Students who are removed from class rolls for non-attendance will be notified of this action through their Gordon State College email accounts. This will be the only notification provided to students.

If you are removed from a class roll for non-attendance, follow these steps to seek reinstatement to the roll.

  1. Notify your instructor that you intend to come to class. Email is the preferred method of notification although written notification may be submitted in person to the instructor.
    Find your instructor's email address by using the Faculty, Staff + Department Directory on the Gordon State College website at
  2. Complete a Student Petition for Reinstatement to Class Roll requesting reinstatement to the class and take it to the next scheduled meeting of the class. The petition must be signed by the instructor of the class verifying that you have attended class and by the Bursar's Office (Lambdin Bursar's Office (Student Services Building). Student Petitions for reinstatement will not be accepted by mail.
    Student Petitions are available on the Gordon State College website under Registrar Forms at  or in the Registrar's Office (Lambdin 126). Be sure to get the right petition. You need the Student Petition for Reinstatement to Class Roll.
    Follow the attendance policy of the class for which you are requesting reinstatement.
  3. You and your instructor will be notified of the decision on your request for reinstatement through Gordon State College email.



Important Dates


Fall 2023 Full Term 08/30/2023 09/1/2023
Fall 2023 A Term 08/30/2023


Fall 2023 B Term 10/26/2023


Fall Late Start Term 09/26/2023