When You Withrdraw

Sometimes, a student decides it is in their best interest to withdraw from a class or even an entire semester. Depending upon the situation, this may or may not result in unexpected costs.


Add/Drop Schedule

This is at the very start of class, and lasts only until the final payment deadline. If a class is added during this time, the charges will be calculated in their overall balance and must be covered before the final payment deadline. Classes dropped during this time will not incur a cost to the student.

Class Withdrawal

Class withdrawal is any time a student drops a class after Add/Drop. The cost of the class will remain on the student account. Please see Financial Aid for how this may affect eligibility, and the Registrar’s Office on how it may affect GPA.

Withdrawal from School

Students that withdraw from all classes during one semester and received financial aid may owe some money back. Financial Aid is required by the government to calculate if any money is owed to them or to Gordon State. Once the calculations have been completed (within 45 days of withdrawal), letters will be sent to the mailing address listed in Banner Web for the student.